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Notes on software development, languages, frameworks, and technology


All the Greens

  • js
  • gatsby
  • mdx
  • tailwindcss

My plant journal


  • ts
  • js

A collection of general-purpose JavaScript and TypeScript libraries

Project Init

  • js
  • npm
  • npx

A CLI for setting up codebases using preconfigured starter templates for different frameworks, languages, and configurations

Pi Manager

  • ts
  • js
  • raspberry-pi
  • pm2

A lightweight process and application manager for Raspberry Pi


  • svelte
  • js
  • netlify

Information on the number of Rak'ah for different Salaat. Essentially a fork of 'Form and Structure' with different content

Form and Structure

  • svelte
  • js
  • netlify

Website about Poetic Form and Structure built with Svelte, one of those 'always-a-work-in-progress' kind of things

Salaah Times

  • react
  • strapi
  • docker
  • mongo-db

Web App to enable Masaajid to manage and publish their Salaah Times for a given area. Built with StrapiCMS, Mongo and React and an unnecessarily complicated Docker build

Twit List

  • node.js
  • express
  • twitter
  • mongo-db

Application that allows you to bookmark Tweets and save them to your account simply by sharing that tweet with an app host user's account, works in tandem with the Webhooks Project

Real-Time Communication with MQTT

  • JS
  • MQTT
  • WS
  • Mosquitto

MQTT and real-time communication with the browser, JavaScript, Web Sockets and a Mosquitto message broker

Machine Learning Web Services

  • python
  • machine learning
  • docker
  • cloud foundry

Get data and train a model to deploy as a web service on Cloud Foundry

Angular Continuous Deployment

  • node.js
  • angular
  • ibm cloud
  • cloud
  • cloud foundry

Deploy an Angular app to Cloud Foundry with a Continuous Delivery Pipeline and Node.js custom builds